Please welcome our officers for the 2019 school year!
Left to right, front to back: Chris Hasenheyer, VP; David Khanatayev, President; Liam Toynbee, M.O.O; Evan Wong, Social; Gregorious Hanzel, Treasurer; Quinn Geraghty, Philanthropy; Michael Lara, Social; Alan Ensastegui, Technology; Joe Schweitzer, Recruitment; Willem Senna. Secretary; Isaac Petrie, Sergeant at Arms; Ryan Steybe, VPAR; Ben Visse, Recruitment; Cody Murphy, House Manager; Logan Cromarty, Recruitment; Murathan Sarayli, Scholarship

We would like to present our new officers for 2019! A new year means a new Executive Council for the Alpha Pi chapter. Many members of our most recent associate class, Omega class, have found positions within the E.C. and we couldn’t be more proud of them for taking up the torch of Phi Kappa Tau. We would like to thank the Alumni and officers who helped facilitate officer transitions last weekend. Officers of 2018, thank you for you hard work and officers of 2019, here’s to another year of brotherhood at Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Pi!

Incoming President David Khanatayev, left, and outgoing President David Cortes, right.