Group photo of the Alumni and Undergraduates who came out to have a great time playing some football last Sunday, November 4th.

Last Sunday we held our legendary Apple Pi Cup, the annual Alumni vs. Undergrads football match. In a surprising twist, the Undergrads dethroned the Alumni, claiming victory in the  2018 match and all of the bragging rights associated with it. Overall the weather was beautiful and mostly sunny, although a few sprinkles of rain did happen to fall during the game.

Directly following the game we celebrated the continuing brotherhood of the Alpha Pi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau with a Barbeque back at the house. Chefs David “The Prez” “Dave” Cortes and Quinn Geraghty grilled some mean burgers and chow for all of the hungry men in attendance.

Below is a selection of choice photos, but please head over to our Photo Library for the whole picture (pun intended).

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