Meet the 10th Omega, Quinn Geraghty! He is from Monroe, Washington and he intends to major in microbiology, after which he will be applying to medical school. Ultimately, his dream is to get into UW medical, and although the road is long and arduous he plans to push hard to achieve that goal.  


Quick Q&A with Quinn:

Why UW?

“When it came time to pick schools, I realized that this dream I’d had all my life, of moving away, wasn’t mine. I love Washington, Seattle, the rain, and everything associated with where I’m from. This is my home; I belong here. After this epiphany, UW was the best choice for me. I’d already done my two years at community college. This was just the next step.”

Why Phi Tau?

“Last year I tried out the dorms. I was in Lander Hall in West campus, and to be totally honest, it sucked. Every day just began to feel the same. Nobody talked to anybody, and I realized that that wasn’t the kind of life I wanted. I came to UW to pursue academic aspirations, but I also need to lead a full life as I do so. As I went through the rush process, Phi Tau really stood out to me as a very well balanced house. Academics remain number one, but the spirit of friendship and brotherhood is instilled in each and every member of the house. As I rushed, I realized that this is where I belong, and in the past months, I’ve come to recognize that joining this house has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

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