Brother Evan Wong, left, performing his anchorsplash skit with associate Joe Schweitzer, right

Please give a hand to brother Evan Wong — the anchorman, scholar, and recruitment MVP who carried the banner of Phi Tau to new heights and our brother of the quarter for Spring 2018! Evan dedicated himself to many things this spring, including recruiting a great start for Omega class (which is now at 15 members and counting, thanks to the continuing efforts of our recruitment chairs!), representing Phi Tau in DG’s anchorsplash as our 2018 anchorman, and organizing many great sporting events as our IMA sports chair.


Evan has been busy recruiting more future Phi Taus this summer; he would like to thank everyone for their help and support during anchorsplash and the continuing recruitment season. He has also been working for Washington Athletics and even had a chance to speak with Chris Peterson! Thank you for your dedication to your fraternity and your community, Evan!



An Interview with Evan Wong:


Why did you join a Fraternity, and why Phi Kappa Tau?

I joined a fraternity because I wanted to complete my college experience as well as make lifelong connections with some awesome people. I joined Phi Tau because it was a great fit and felt like home.”


What have you learned from being a Phi Tau?

I have learned that being ambitious can be an inclusive process with others. I feel like I have grown as a person and student while being in Phi Tau.”


What does brotherhood mean to you?

Brotherhood is an experience that can’t be described because you’re so deeply connected in enjoying the moment with the people around you.”


What would you improve about Phi Kappa Tau? Why?

“I think Phi Tau is coming into its own and I believe that the only thing holding the house back is negative energy. Positive energy and a commitment to whatever you’re passionate about improving are the keys to Phi Tau fulfilling its potential.”


What made you want to become Phi Tau’s anchorman?

I wanted to become Phi Tau’s Anchorman because it was an experience that nobody can take away from me. I was inspired by our Anchorman in 2017, Isaac Petrie, and I wanted to represent our house in the biggest philanthropy on UW’s campus. Raising money for Delta Gamma, competing in the relay races at Phi Kappa Sigma’s pool, and performing a lip-sync with less than an hour of practice are just a few of the memories that I’ll cherish forever.”

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